Other Service Considerations


Offering refreshments after a funeral is regarded as an important aspect of the funeral service.

This is a time for meeting up with family members, sharing stories and recalling in greater detail the life of the deceased person. Sometimes funerals are the only opportunity for a family reunion these days.

Our facilities are equipped for this purpose and catering can also be provided at other venues. You may wish to talk to our caterer about the style of food to be provided.

Some church groups also offer to cater for funerals; where they do, we are happy to assist in any way.

Printing and Multimedia

Service Sheets

Service sheets are an integral part of the funeral process. As they offer a very tangible keepsake to every person attending the service. Although it does not have to be a step by step guide of what will occur at the funeral, it is more a memorial of that day.

Slideshows and Photo Presentations

We can create a slideshow on a DVD to be played through TV screens or project a slideshow of photos to reflect the life of your loved one onto a wall or screen. Such a presentation can be a meaningful way to share more memories and highlights of a life.

Visual Presentations

Joseph Medcalf Funerals offers a range of audiovisual services, for making presentations as part of the funeral service and recording the service as a permanent record.

Memorial Books

A memorial book is produced incorporating the signatures of those that attended the service. It is your permanent record of those that gathered.

Video and DVD recordings

We can arrange for an audiovisual recording of the funeral service. This is also a means of sharing the service with relatives or friends who were unable to be there on the day. We can record with our static in-house cameras or utilise the skills of a professional video operator.

Photo Album

A photo Album incorporates all the details outlined in the book of remembrance, plus includes all the photographs produced from the slideshow that were shown at the service. It is your permanent record of all the photographs gathered for the funeral service.